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About us

What is Gaia-X?

Gaia-X is a European-wide initiative to develop and build a common data infrastructure that allows data to flow or be accessed within the European single market and beyond. The goal is that individuals and businesses can unlock its full value and create new services. The aim is to share data reliably and fairly.

This requires a solid and reliable infrastructure, interoperability standards for data, transparency and strict respect for data-protection legislation.

Gaia-X seeks to define the future characteristics of data sharing in terms of compliance, identity and trust and to outline the architecture of the European cloud infrastructure.

What is Gaia-X Finland?

Gaia-X Finland, co-ordinated by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, is the local Gaia-X hub. We work with Finnish companies to seize the opportunities presented by Gaia-X and contribute to co-creating future European data spaces. We increase Finnish companies’ understanding of European and Finnish funding options for projects on data sharing as well as of legal and regulatory issues.

A data space is a network of parties or systems created for sharing and exchanging data based on mutually agreed principles and rules. The network also provides companies with the opportunity to learn about new business models that can be facilitated by freely flowing data.

Gaia-X Finland aims to federate, stimulate, enable and accelerate the development of these data spaces while sharing and disseminating the knowledge gained by 15 other hubs in EU countries.

What do we do?

  • Inform: act as a one stop shop for Gaia-X updates and information
  • Federate: bring together interested companies and ecosystems
  • Stimulate: energise and advance the conversation
  • Enable: organise knowledge-sharing and “how to” events
  • Accelerate: stimulate and co-finance pilot projects or trials

How to join 

Would you like to join the work? Get in touch with the team

If you are interested in joining any one of the domain working groups (Agriculture, Circular Economy, Location, Health, Mobility, Public Sector Data Space, Skills Data), please get in touch directly with the domain working group leader in question. You are most welcome to join the network. 

We look forward to hearing from you.