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AgriFood data spaces move forward

AgriFood data spaces have taken leaps forward. Food Data Finland Growth Engine program, which has received Business Finland’s Growth Engine status, aims to increase exports for the Finnish food chain fundamentally through improved use of data.

Founding members are Apetit, Atria, Bisnes+, Fazer, HKScan, Kesko, SOK, Valio, GS1 Finland, ETL (Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation), PTY (Finnish Grocery Trade Association ) and MTK (Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners). GS1 acts as coordinator and, as an open and impartial operator, has a central role in the data solutions of the food system as well as a strong interest to build Gaia-X compliance. 

Also, DataSpace Europe has been launched, based on an AgriFood Data Space Finland initiative. It offers the first Finnish data intermediation service, Tritom, and will be applied to AgriFood and food system data. The aim is to act as a reliable and neutral operator to connect the Finnish food industry from agriculture to food processing, retail and consumers.  

Finnish participants have been active also in European collaborative actions related to AgriFood data spaces. AgriDataSpace and Data4Food2030 have been launched, and both will contribute to create a roadmap and future agenda for European data space initiatives. They operate in close collaboration with Data Spaces Support Centre and are thus part of the Gaia-X development.

Further information: Agriculture working group, lead Marko Turpeinen