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Blog: Who decides the rules of fair data sharing?

EU data regulations will create new tasks for national authorities. The EU has decided to legislate using Acts, which are laws that are directly applicable in the member states. Still, implementation will be needed by the member states, in particular in setting up competent national authorities.

The trustworthy sharing and usage of data are at the heart of the vision for a fair data economy in the European Union. Effective data sharing between organisations enables better products and services and creates a tremendous potential for increasing the productivity of work. Multiple stakeholders sharing data collaboratively are often known as a data ecosystem.

Data sharing requires trust. Trust can be facilitated with effective governance, which basically means the rules for sharing of data. But where do these rules come from? 

The European Commission is implementing a new regulatory framework (Data Act, Data Governance Act etc.) to boost trusted sharing and usage of data between organisations. However, there are so many new pieces of legislation that it can be overwhelming for smaller companies to navigate. The entire article can be read on Sitra’s website (opens in a new window).