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Gaia-X Finland: Data Sharing for Breakfast

Sitra as a coordinator of Gaia-X Finland has the pleasure to invite you to a live networking event. The event is organized for the current participants of Gaia-X Finland domain working groups and for those who are new to this. It is a step to initiate a cross-sectoral discussion and to network.

At the first breakfast networking event, we have the pleasure to have Robin Gustafsson from Aalto University (Associate Professor of Strategic Management Department of Industrial Engineering and Management) as our guest speaker. He will talk about what are the unique properties of data as an asset, the value of a healthy data economy as well as advantages and opportunities of shared and open data for companies.

Meetings of Gaia-X Finland domain working groups are held mostly online and there are few occasions for members to meet in person. Furthermore, companies approach Gaia-X Finland because they are interested to know what the role of a Gaia-X Finland is and how to engage in the domain working group. The event is organized live and offers an opportunity for people to engage with one another and build connections.

The breakfast networking events will be organized every two-three months. Participation is free of charge but requires registration by 28 November 2022. The topic will be covered in English and/or in Finnish.

More information and registration:
Gaia-X Finland: Data Sharing for Breakfast – Sitra