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Gaia-X Summit 2022

Europe's leading data infrastructure and data economy experts will gather this year again to a 3rd Gaia-X Summit on 17–18 November. The summit is organized in hybrid mode, and it will take place in Paris and online. Sitra will share latest news and insights of the Gaia-X Hub Finland in the event. Register now!

The event will feature Gaia-X activities across Europe and showcase how data and services are shared in the Gaia-X ecosystem, bringing in consistent business value in the digital sector. It will highlight the development and progress made so far from strategic, operational, lighthouse and hub status, with some concrete examples presented and discussed by representatives from Gaia-X data spaces, committees, working groups, hubs, etc.

The event will also focus on data spaces, what solutions Gaia-X brings to data spaces and what are the actions needed to continue the development of data spaces. The focus will be on sector-specific data spaces, health, finance, and energy.

More information and registration:
Gaia-X Summit 2022 – Gaia-X: A Federated Secure Data Infrastructure
Gaia-X Summit 2022 – Sitra