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Skills Data Survey: Inventory of Existing Platforms

The Data Space for Skills (DS4Skills), funded by the European Commission, aims to prepare the groundwork for the development of a European Data Space for Skills that supports sharing and accessing skills data and all types of data relevant to education, employment, lifelong learning, guidance, etc.

As a first step, the project wants to identify and analyse relevant, existing platforms and projects for collecting, storing and sharing skills and education data across both the public and private sector. The project has launched a survey, Inventory of Existing Platforms, to collect information about the existing initiatives they are familiar with. The survey will be open until the end of November 2022. Read more and take the survey.

The project is a preparatory action which provides input for the actual deployment of the data space in the future. While Digital Europe leads the work, there are several organizations from Finland among the participants: Vastuu, Headai and MyData. It is fundamental to develop active collaboration around skills data in Finland.

Further information: Anu Passi-Rauste and Mikko Sierla, Skills data working group