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New study explores the technology landscape of data spaces

Implementation technologies and architectures for data spaces are being developed at a fast pace in Europe. While the individual standards and technologies related to data spaces are moving fast, the overall structure of the landscape is a bit more static.

Sitra’s new working paper provides an overview of the developing technology field and recommendations to support data space builders. The report underlines three main directions that the data space builders can look to when making technology choices:

1. existing tools and solutions (not specific to data spaces),
2. data space technology initiatives, and
3. commercial offerings focused on data spaces.

This working paper provides a starting point from which data space developers can learn more about the technology offerings in this area.

Read the whole “The Technology Landscape of Data Spaces” working paper.

Key findings will be shared in a webinar in November

The key findings of both of our newly published working papers will be shared with you by the authors in a webinar in November.

Sitra is the coordinator of Gaia-X Finland hub.