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Twelve principles for value creation at ecosystem level through data sharing

What are the key principles to guide the building of data-sharing projects?

The intention of Gaia-X is to promote and build a federated and secure data infrastructure to enable data to be accessed and shared and to create new value for society and businesses. 

The following principles can serve as a guide to building data-sharing projects and data spaces or remapping existing value chains to identify new opportunities for value creation through data. 

  1. Decentralisation: to support the building of an independent data infrastructure 
  2. Standardisation: for a common understanding of structures and naming 
  3. Interoperability: able to connect to, access and work with another dataspace 
  4. Discoverability: data can be catalogued, searchable and reusable 
  5. Accessibility: automated access management and open for all to join 
  6. Common rules (sovereignty): clear, fair and transparent rules and governance for all participants 
  7. Traceability: all transactions are recorded and logged 
  8. Business value: unlock, create and capture the new business value at the ecosystem level 
  9. Compliance with European data protection law: meet or exceed the standard requirements 
  10. Usability: simple, easy and user-friendly 
  11. Regulation by automation: the software code is readable by machine to automatically comply 
  12. Compliance as code: the software code dictates what the users can or cannot do with the software program. 

The 12 principles are a synthesis of conversations with different Gaia-X stakeholders in Finland and in Europe.

Sitra’s call for funding offers consortiums an opportunity to experiment with and learn data sharing and value creation in line with the principles of the fair data economy and those underpinning Gaia-X’s work.

Read the full article, an overview of 12 principles that are part of the Gaia-X model