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Nordic Data Festival 2024 explores value creation enabled by data spaces

The Nordic Data Festival 2024 is a one-day live event that will showcase and explore opportunities in sharing, exchanging, and using data in business, to create new, scalable value for growth and the international market.

The event offers you a glimpse into the future of data economy and the shift of business value creation towards data ecosystems or data spaces.

Value creation is shifting from a single company into groups of interconnected companies within an ecosystem

Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to create value within the companies for it to succeed. Businesses need to understand the mechanism of value creation at an ecosystem level and to co-create new value with others within an ecosystem. This impact is much bigger, more resilient, and has a global reach.  

Data spaces act as soft infrastructure that enables new business value creation within an ecosystem through data sharing with a clear business model, governance, orchestration, interoperable and open – connecting many companies to many companies.

The Nordic Data Festival 2024 is the celebration of this shift – with over 400 participants and over 25 speakers from leading companies across 9 sectors. Participants come together to share their business use cases, success stories, and learnings. Discussing the current and upcoming data laws, and the opportunities and challenges of public-private partnerships to drive innovation.

Over 25 speakers from leading companies across 9 sectors

Ute Burkhardt from Volkswagen (DE) is part of the Catena-X data space, the leading automotive data space that includes BMW, Mercedes, and recently Ford. She will share their journey in starting this ecosystem more than three years ago, the why, and how they got started, to the new business values that are being created beyond one single entity.  

John Bruce, CEO of Inrupt Inc (US) cofounded Inrupt with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the internet. They are building a ‘new’ internet where personal data is stored independently where users can control its access and put users’ interests first. He will talk about how the innovation journey is not linear, and how companies can excel in this.  

Peter Sarlin, CEO of Silo AI (FIN) one of Europe’s leading AI companies, is the epitome of this shift. Where a company does not always need to own the data used to train the AI models, but instead has access to it. Peter will share his insights and what this means for businesses looking to build strategic advantages around the use of data and AI.  

John Blankendaal from BrainPort Industries (NL) manages the Smart Connected Supplier Network (ScSn) with over 3000 member companies from the high-tech equipment manufacturing sector. ScSn provides a data space for members to exchange supply chain information through open communication standards, exchanging order-related data.  

Sébastien Picardat from Agri datahub (FR) a data space for farmers with over 2000 users for their API-Agro services.  

And many other speakers from the skills, logistics, textiles sectors, and others from Finland and abroad. 

The programme is updated regularly.

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